About the company

The company PROKOM R & S s.r.o. (ID: 64087093) was established on 9th February 1996 and is registered in the Company Register led by Regional Court in Ostrava (section C, file 13688).

The company has 20 employees, has its own transport and is financially stable and independent company which also works on the Slovak market through its subsidiary PROKOM SR s.r.o..

The strategy of our company was founded on sale of quality products for very reasonable prices to that we offer a complete service.

The company PROKOM R & S s.r.o. has been active on the market since 1996 and deals with deliveries of Finnish construction materials for construction and trading companies. Construction commodities also include the heat-treated Finnish pine – ThermoWood®. As we had the opportunity to learn about the properties of this material in outdoor applications, we decided to use the material for garden furniture. The manufacture of the garden furniture was carefully prepared for a number of years and the products were subject to the most demanding tests of nature. The results are products with properties that fully surpass even more expensive and less ecologically-friendly products from tropical forests.

PROWOOD garden furniture meets the most demanding quality requirements and is affordable at the same time. In designing our products we have used time-tested and popular design elements. The entire production from raw material to product packaging is ecological without any negative environmental impacts. Our manufacture is performed on five-axe CNC machines that results in a perfect finish of the material in all details. Before the products reach the customer they are carefully checked several times.

It will be a great reward for us if you buy our products to enrich your home or the surroundings of your business. We wish you many pleasant moments in the company of our products.