For furniture treatment we recommend using of OWATROL – AQUADECKS coating.

The feedstock for production of PROWOOD wooden garden furniture is the Finnish pine which is processed to the heat-treated wood – ThermoWood® – using thermal and moisture treatment. This treated wood has new physical and mechanical properties. They mainly include longer durability (the minimum lifetime of the material is 30 years), resistance to rot, higher strength and dimensional stability.

ThermoWood®, thanks to UV radiation, changes its appearance (greyish – gets a patina). To minimize the damage caused by UV radiation and climatic influences and to keep a beautiful caramel appearance of solid ThermoWood® all surfaces of furniture must be treated with a protective coating and a special care should be taken of the end surfaces (end faces).

OWATROL - AQUADECKS is a penetrating and bonding wood finish.
It provides a flexible, long-lasting rich, matt finish for all woods, including exotic hardwoods.

OWATROL - AQUADECKS saturates, penetrates and stabilises wood to minimise cracking, warping and other damage caused by moisture and sunshine. OWATROL - AQUADECKS can be applied on new or weathered wood, provides a matt finish that accentuates the beauty of wood, absorbs UV radiation, provides a long lasting finish and is easy to apply.

This selected and preferred finish OWATROL – AQUADECKS has been tested by our company for a long time together with other coatings and it reached the best results in long-term treatment protecting from UV radiation and climatic influences.  Due to provided tests, our experiences and good knowledge of the ThermoWood® material for treatment of the PROWOOD products we recommend only water-soluble pigmented oils with UV protection based on alkyd or acrylic resins. Using of natural-based oils is not recommended.


Uniqueness of the finish OWATROL – AQUADECKS The coating OWATROL AQUADECKS

This finish is able to penetrate into ThermoWood® which is very low absorbent due to its unique properties and composition. The difference compared to competitive coatings is its unique method of coating “wet on wet”.

In general, you apply the first coat layer which „absorbs“ and creates a protective film on the wood surface in some thickness and hereby the absorption process is terminated. After the recommended a few- hour drying of the first layer the wood surface is necessary to abrade with grit paper for good adhesion of the second coat layer. After that it is possible to apply this second coat layer which doesn´t absorb in the wood any more, it only makes the finish on the wood surface thicker and thus a film appears on the surface that, eventually, can crack or peel.

The finish OWATROL “wet on wet” system consists in application of the first thick coat layer which you let absorb until the wet look disappears from the wood surface. This normally takes 15 – 20 minutes. Immediately after that you can apply the second coat layer. This way the wood tells “itself” how much coat it needs because the wood saturation process is not interrupted and the wood is completely saturated. You save the time required for the first coat layer to dry and also another laborious task – sanding and cleaning from dust.

The smart OWATROL - AQUADECKS coating composition ensures also wood protection from the inside which lies in the fact that the coating completely closes the surface of the treated wood against moisture but it keeps the wood within a diffusion-open, allowing the wood to "breathe".

By combining the unique properties of ThermoWood® (especially low equilibrium moisture content, high biological resistance, elimination of all nutrients and leachable substances during the thermal process) and with the use of the most optimal OWATROL – AQUADECKS coating you will reach both high durability of the coating itself and the maximum lifetime of the PROWOOD products. You also minimize the time and financial resources devoted to the maintenance of PROWOOD products.

During the application follow the principleas defined in the data sheet and on the coating packaging!


Note: As a basis of these samples for coating , boards ThermoWood® SHP 26 x 92 mm were used, which are the most common material for the manufacture of  PROWOOD wooden garden furniture.

This preview is only informative and the actual colour may slightly differ due to the natural character of ThermoWood®.


Wooden garden furniture PROWOOD from solid wood ThermoWood® OWATROL AQUADECKS – data sheet

Wooden garden furniture PROWOOD from solid wood ThermoWood® OWATROL AQUADECKS – safety sheet